Catherine de Medici thoughts

The character of Catherine De Medici is to forever be hating in the course of all history, but in the show reign last night I saw a side of her that I never want to see again, she is a villain, a true heartless woman and like her husband before she craves for power and the will to destroy the family that she loves.

Manipulating them into doing what she wants them to do like her little puppets she controls them, in the last episode we saw her in prison where we all thought she was going to stay for the rest of her life, which she should’ve stayed there but her sweet life daughter in law got her out of there and let her see her dying son Francis which if it would have been me I would’ve executed her without warning but that just me.

But I guess we can’t all pick our families and our in laws but every time I watch the show I grow to hate her even more



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